Today the 7th graders learned about the role of energy in our modern world. We spent our morning at the American Museum of Science and Energy. Our 7th grade campers loved all of the interactive activities. They especially loved shocking each other and seeing their hair stick straight up with the Van de Graaf Generator.

We then spent our afternoon at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. We were amazed at the amount of knowledge and expertise in this field. We were able to see a reactor, and we learned of several scientific advancements using this reactor, especially regarding the medical field. Today was an amazing opportunity for our students!
Written by Sarah Hume

We had the privilege of visiting both the Green McAdoo Cultural Center and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory today! At the Green McAdoo Cultural Center, our students learned about the integration of American schools. The students learned how Clinton High School was one of the first schools in America to integrate and how that affects their lives today. In addition, the students learned how the school was later bombed and saw the remains of the original school.

At the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the students learned about how scientists create atomic energy and how we use it in our daily lives. The students were able to walk in the steps of famous scientists, such as Albert Einstein, as they visited where the first steps of the Manhattan Project took place. We also saw a reactor and learned how they protect their researchers and the world from the radiation produced from atomic energy. We are excited about all that our students are learning and want to thank all of you again for your prayers and support!
Written by Bridget Cooper